Strategic Alignment

Strategic alignment is designed to help managers of a company or of a department / sector align their actions to support their vision while achieving their organizational goals.

Strategic Thinking and Action Plan
As a leader, one of your major challenges is to clarify your vision in the medium to long term, and define the priority actions to be carried out. Whether it's because your business is going through a period of growth, change, decline or because you want to be better organized to meet your goals, the professionals of Gagné RH are there to help you in a structured way so that you can accurately define your targeted action plan.

Diagnostic Human Resources

From the beginning, we have made recommendations for HR function in many organizations.

A detailed diagnosis shows whether the company is organized effectively and efficiently in its management of human resources. To do this, a report on human resources management practices is carried out based on individual interviews, document analysis and comparisons with similar organizations. Recommendations and a detailed action plan are proposed in order to improve your internal practices.