Danyelle Gagné

Danyelle Gagné, CRHA, PPCC

President / Certified professional coach/ Consultant

Management and Career Coaching - Human Resources - Labour Relations


After completing her studies in Business administration, Ms. Danyelle Gagné, was hired as general consultant for the Human Resources Department of Provigo, where she worked for seven years.

Building on her experience in the food industry, Ms. Gagné left Provigo in 1997 to join the Human Resources team of Sobeys Québec where she held the position of Human Resources Advisor. Her role was to provide consulting services in the field of labor relations and deliver training sessions for owners and managers of IGA and Bonichoix.

In 1999, Ms. Gagné was awarded a university certificate in human resource management.

In 2000, Ms. Gagné left Sobeys Quebec to pursue her passion through full time studies in the field she is passionate about (or that fascinates her). In 2002 she graduated and earned a bachelor's degree in industrial relations. 

In 2002, she procured the position of senior consultant in labor relations at Provigo in the Quebec City region. At that time she was responsible for development activities and management of labor relations for all the distribution channels in the eastern region of Quebec.

In 2004, Ms. Gagné realized her project to start a business and offers consulting services in human resources and labor relations to Quebec SMBs. She became a partner at Alliance Consulting Services.

In 2007, she accepted the challenges offered by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to negotiate a collective agreement under its mandate and to manage a team of HR professionals.

In 2009, Ms. Gagné founded the consulting firm HR and decided to devote herself full time to expert advice oriented toward human resources management and labor relations, organizational development, and professional coaching. She created various programs such as the “HR Management Program”, Recognition without Cost”, as well as, assistance with career transitioning, individual management and team coaching.

In 2011, she acquired a Concordia University certificate in professional and personal coaching.

Her main clients include Dessau, Frito Lay, Videotron, Desjardins and several small businesses in the greater Montreal area. 

Through its specialized expertise in human resources and labor relations, and by the proposed structured programs, Gagné RH assists owners and managers of companies in achieving new heights.