Jim Leduc

Jim Leduc Bcom, PPCC

Certified Professional Coach | Business Consultant | Professional Development Coach – Business Integration Specialist | Personal Wellness Coach

Upon completing his Business DEC at John Abbott College, Jim got his first taste of business in 1989 as a member of the national sales team at Preston Phipps focusing on the sales and service of industrial accounts in Québec. From the very beginning, he was intrigued to learn what elements contributed to the challenges and discontentment experienced by clients and fellow colleagues. More importantly, he wanted to identify ways to help bring those elements back into a healthy and productive balance.

After experiencing the dynamics of business for 4 years, he decided to further develop his formal business knowledge by pursuing his Bachelor of Commerce degree at Concordia University, which was completed in 1996. 

In the Fall of 1996, Jim was hired by Shell Canada Products in Calgary, Alberta in the role of business analyst to help manage the reconciliation process for a new aviation business model. Wanting a well-rounded perspective of the major business units within Shell Canada, he then took on project management roles with the IT department. Gaining proficiency in IT allowed Jim to take on critical liaison roles supporting IT and individual business units. These liaison roles helped identify the major disconnects between stakeholder groups.

In 2002, looking to gain an understanding into customer needs, he once again took on a sales role, this time as Direct/e Sales Representative, Western Canada. This role allowed Jim to appreciate the uniqueness of both the commercial and retail market sectors. Combining this knowledge with his project skill set, he was ready to accept more challenging business projects.

In 2005, he was named Commercial Project Leader and focused his efforts on two significant projects. The first project was managing the transition of all national corporate assets within the commercial business to an international business partner. In addition to transitioning the physical assets, Jim also completed the financial calculations for each asset in an effort to determine the total value of the business transaction. The second project focused on the preparation and transition of the Ontario retail associates to ethanol based fuels in order to comply with government of Ontario regulations.

With the purchase of Shell Canada Products Ltd. by parent company, Royal Dutch Shell in 2008, many new projects were created that focused on integrating domestic business units into international strategic business groups. Jim was selected to manage the training program for an offshoring project that saw the customer service department moved from Calgary, Canada to Cape Town, South Africa. After successfully securing the training funding required, he then finalized the training program components and selected the facilitators required to deliver the training onsite.

In 2009, wanting to get more personal and connect to the individuals within business, Jim decided to pursue consulting opportunities with small business owners. Supporting entrepreneurs through clarifying their business mission and goals, he built integrative plans that helped determine "go/no go" business decisions as well as supporting others to be "ready for business".

In 2010, Jim decided to dedicate the year to personal and professional development.  Focusing first on travel, he spent time rejuvenating and self-reflecting in California, Florida and France. This helped bring back into clarity the passion that still existed around understanding what created conflict and challenge for individuals within their professional and personal lives. Now more importantly, he wanted to identify ways to support people through these challenges and empower them to achieve their goals and aspirations. Jim identified Professional Coaching as the tool that would allow him to fulfill his passion and purpose in life. Wellness became a critical component for Jim, as it clearly highlighted imbalances within individuals and prioritized where to start.

In 2011, Jim successfully completed his Professional & Personal Coaching Certificate (PPCC) at Concordia University. He currently supports business professionals and their teams with targeted professional coaching and integration services. In addition, he helps individuals clarify their life challenges and supports them throughout their transformational process.